RES-Q Qualifier #2 - Columbia Heights

Jan 10TH 2016

We had a fabulous day at our second qualifier of the year in Columbia Heights. The day started out as usual with inspections of our robot’s hardware. We were able to pass these without too much trouble. We found out that we were sharing a pit table with Motorbolts, which was very exciting! It is always a lot of fun to be near friends. Next, we went to our judging session. Our judges were so nice and welcoming – this is always true at tournaments, which is one reason we love judging sessions.

We had prepared for the judging session very well so we were able to perform well and everything went according to plan! It was very fun to talk to the judges about our season and interact with them. That being said, we were blessed with a smooth morning. However, things picked up a little after the Drivers’ Meeting. We got our schedule for our five runs for the day. Then, we started strategizing with our alliance team.

Our biggest problem throughout the day was staying connected. We struggled with this most of the day until we were able to figure out the root cause of the problem. We were getting shocked on the mountain instead of building static through the brushes like we thought. So, to solve the problem, we put a bunch of electrical tape around our hook and areas of our robot that came into contact with the mountain. This kept us connected and helped to solve that problem!

We were very fortunate to be Team “Gear Heads” second pick for alliance partners. We were partnered with them and Motorbolts. Our robot hung during one of the matches and we actually ended up as the Winning Alliance by 3 points in the 3rd Final Match. We were speechless just to have made it past semi-finals, much less winning. We are so grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our friendship with Motorbolts and develop a new friendship with Gear Heads through this alliance. We truly had a great time and are excited to have been able to help Gear Heads qualify for State! The whole alliance will come together again!

At the end of the day, we earned the Stratasys Award, Promote Award, and 1st Place Inspire Award. We were nominated for all but Rockwell Collins and Connect. We had a great day with a lot of ups and downs and countless memories made. No matter how the tournaments go, we always treasure the memories. We are now looking forward to reuniting with friends at the Minnesota State Tournament.