This year in the 2017-2018 Relic Recovery season we are excited to compete together again. We recently had our final state championship as a team and it went great! We had so much fun competiting with our friends and ended up winning the Design Award, were on the finalist alliance, and also won the Third Place Inspire Award. Because of that, we earned a slot to the North Super Regional in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are really excited to see how our season turns out this year!

The 2016-2017 Velocity Vortex season was our third year in FTC and it went really well and we learned a ton. We learned about graphic design, more advanced CAD work, video editing, and more advanced programming. This has been our best season so far in FTC. At the state tournament we were super excited to win the First Place Inspire Award and receive the Inspire Banner for the first time! We were the winning alliance captain, Stratasys award winners, and also the promote award winners. With these awards we earned a slot to the North Super Regional in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where we won the PTC design award and advanced to the World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. At the 2016-2017 World Championship, we were one of the Inspire Award Finalists and were the winning alliance captain which advanced us to the Festival of Champions. There, we competed against the other winning alliance from the Houston World Championship and were the finalist alliance captain.

The 2015-2016 RES-Q season was our second year in FTC. It was an amazing season. We learned so much about rapid prototyping, Android Studio, and machining parts. We created our second FTC robot named Steve V2 and programmed it to accomplish the missions on the field. advanced us to the state competition. At the State level, we earned the First Place PTC Design Award and we were also selected for an alliance and made it to the division finals! We advanced to the North Super Regional with a Third Place Inspire Award. The North Super Regional was held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Teams from across the Midwest arrived to compete. This tournament was a blast for us as we made many new friends. We ended up taking home the First Place Control Award for our programming and autonomous too and advanced to the World Festival. The World Festival was held in St. Louis, Missouri. There were 128 teams from around the United States and rest of the world too! It was really cool seeing so many amazing teams from around the world all in one competition. We had so much fun here and are glad to have ended our season on a high note.

The 2014-2015 Cascade Effect season was our first year in FTC and we learned a lot. We learned about the basics of building with Tetrix and programming in Robot C. We advanced to the state competion by winning the second place Inspire award at both of our regionals. At state, we were selected to be on an alliance and won the second place Inspire award which advanced us to the North Super Regional! There we were able to compete with teams across the Midwest and we learned a lot there. We all had a lot of fun and were excited to start our next season together as a team.

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Height Differential with the First Place Inspire Award at the Minnesota FTC State Championships. With this award, we advanced to the North Super Regional tournament to be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.