Volunteers make up 99% of FIRST’s workforce.
We challenge you to show us how you Recruit. Teach. Inspire #JustOne more person!
Use #JustOne to show the FIRST community what you’re doing to pay FIRST forward.

The Just One Campaign gives teams a chance to give back to the FIRST programs. Sustainability of FIRST lies in the hands of volunteers. With team growth continually increasing in the FIRST programs, it is crucial that more volunteers are recruited for this season and the years to come.

All it takes is #JustOne person to make a difference. There are many ways to support the FIRST programs - from helping a school, visiting a team, or volunteering at a competition. It’s people like YOU that can ensure the sustainability of these programs for the future generations.

Join us. Recruit. Teach. Inspire #JustOne more person to get involved with the FIRST programs.

It's the least we can do to support this incredible program and become involved in spreading STEM within our community and to the next generation