2013-2014: Nature's Fury Project
Our product for the Nature's Fury 2013-2014 season theme is the Aikido Flood Bag, a self-erecting floodwall that has the ability to protect people and control seasonal floods. It’s named after Aikido, a martial arts strategy that is performed by using the force of an opponent’s attack against the opponent. The Aikido Bag is a reusable, portable self-erecting floodwall consisting of an air bladder, water bladder, two rubber flaps, and a 4’ by 8’ marine grade plywood board. The water bladder acts as an anchor to hold the flood bag in place. When the flood comes and water begins to rise over the bag, it will put pressure on the front end of the air bladder and erect the board attached to the other end of the air bladder. Both bladders are made with the same PVC rubber as river rafts to prevent puncture. The bags are set up side by side along the edge of the predicted flooding area. When the bags are placed next to each other, two flaps seal the gaps between each air bladder. They are stored in warehouses and transported to flooding areas on flatbed trucks as needed.